Beer List

This is the 2020 list, 2022 list will be posted closer to the event

Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Arches Lloyd’s Light Lager American Light Lager 3.8%
Arches Low Viz New England IPA 7.0%
Arches  Mexican Empire Vienna Lager 5.6%
Arches  Queens Weiss Hefeweizen 5.3%
Arches  Winters Night  Munich Dunkel 5.4%
Atlanta Bewing Hoplanta American IPA 6.8%
Atlanta Brewing Homestand Pilsner 5.2%
Atlanta Brewing Aquarium Octopus Brown Ale 6.0%
Atlanta Brewing Soul of the City Pale Ale 5.7%
Burnt Hickory Ezekiels Wheel Pale Ale 6.5%
Burnt Hickory Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout 9.0%
Burnt Hickory Didjits IPA 7.4%
Burnt Hickory Cannon Dragger IPA 8.0%
Burnt Hickory Old Wooden Head Double IPA 10.5%
Cherry St.  Coconut Porter Porter 5.8%
Dalton Brewing Hazelnut Coffee Porter Porter  5.2%
Dalton Brewing Blonde Blonde Ale 4.4%
Dry County Brewing Mint Chocolate Stout Milk Stout  6.0%
Dry County Brewing Juice County  IPA 7.5%
Dry County Brewing Kennesaw Bourbon Ale  Oaked Amber Ale 7.5%
Dry County Brewing Low Key IPA  low cal IPA  4.0%
Eventide Kolsch Kolsch 5.3%
Eventide Citrus Grove Hefeweizen 5.7%
Eventide The A IPA 7.0%
Eventide Kattegat Baltic Porter 7.0%
Eventide Red Headed Haley Red Ale 5.3%
Eventide Highlander Strong Scotch Ale 8.2%
Firewater Hop Chief IPA 7.5%
Firewater Sargeant Stout Coffee Stout 9.5%
Firewater  Life Changer New England IPA 7.5%
Firewater  Universal O American Pale Wheat 5.0%
Gate City Copperhead Amber Ale 5.2%
Gate City Citras Maximus India Pale Lager 5.5%
Gate City Freedom Fighter IPA 5.0%
Gate City OTP Double IPA 8.0%
Gate City Terminus Porter 7.8%
Iron Monger Anvil Double IPA 8.6%
Iron Monger Blood Orange Billet Pilsner 5.0%
Jekyll Brewing  Hop Dang Diggity  IPA  5.0%
Jekyll Brewing  Cooter Brown  Brown Ale  6.0%
Linecreek First Crush  IPA  6.3%
Linecreek #ConserveGA Pecan Amber Ale 5.5%
Linecreek Nightwatcher Extra Stout 7.6%
Linecreek Stouts for Staying Alive Coffee White Stout 8.0%
Linecreek  Meller Feller  Pistachio Vanilla Porter  5.5%
Macon Beer  Macon History  Brown Ale  5.5%
Monday Night Drafty Kilt  Scotch Ale 7.2%
Monday Night Lundi IPA  IPA  7.1%
Monday Night Blood Orange BP IPA  IPA  7.4%
Monday Night Dr. Robot  Sour Ale  5.0%
Monday Night  Silkscreen IPA  IPA  5.3%
Monks Meadery Mead 100% Wildflower Mead 11.9%
Monks Meadery Stigmata Hibiscus Session Mead 5.0%
Monks Meadery Peachin’ to the Choir Peach Tea Session Mead 5.0%
Monks Meadery Abstinence in the Abbey Belgian style Mead 6.3%
Monks Meadery Butter Buzz Specialty Mead 6.0%
New Realm Euphoria  Pilsner 5.0%
New Realm Hazy Like A Fox New England IPA 6.4%
New Realm Hoptropolis American IPA 6.5%
New Realm United Craft Lager 4.5%
New Realm Straight From The Tart Sour IPA 6.9%
New Realm Winter X Hazy Pale Ale 5.0%
New Realm Pastry Porter Horse Imperial Porter 8.9%
Orpheus When All Goes Black My Shadow Seeks Me Black Coconut Milk Stout 6.6%
Orpheus The Ferryman Stout 11.8%
Orpheus A Play Within A Play Pineapple & Apricot Sour 5.0%
Orpheus Cherry Vanilla Atalanta Sour Ale 5.5%
Orpheus Transmigration of Souls Double IPA 8.0%
Orpheus Atalanta Tart Plum Saison 5.3%
Orpheus All You Get Is All You Get Hazy Sour 5.0%
Orpheus Choosers of the Slain German-Style Pilsner 4.8%
Orpheus Barrel-Aged Ferryman Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout 13.0%
Pontoon Witching Hour Belgian Tripel 9.0%
Pontoon New Wave Blonde Ale 4.2%
Pontoon Wake Zone American IPA 6.5%
Pretoria Fields Brown Thrasher Brown Ale 6.0%
Pretoria Fields Shoalie  IPA 6.0%
Pretoria Fields Walker Station  Stout 6.5%
Pretoria Fields Skywater Golden Ale 5.1%
Pretoria Fields Flowing Well Gose 4.5%
Printer’s Ale Gutenberg Gose  Gose  7.0%
Printer’s Ale Press Check  Pale Ale  5.6%
Red Hare Grapefruit 50/50  Radler  5.0%
Red Hare CDL  Dry Hopped Lager  4.0%
Red Hare Sticky Stout  Oatmeal Stout  6.3%
Red Hare Rewired IPA  IPA  6.5%
Red Hare  Dr. William Root’s Lemon Balm Lager 4.8%
Reformation JOGR  Juicy Lager  4.9%
Reformation Scout Stout 7.4%
Reformation Sour Alani  Sour Rose Ale  9.7%
Reformation Oren  Pale Ale  6.9%
Scofflaw Basement IPA 7.5%
Scofflaw Double Jeopardy Double IPA 10.0%
Scofflaw Troll Cave Sour POG 7.0%
Scofflaw Dirty Beaches Tropical Wheat 6.3%
Scofflaw POG Basement IPA 7.5%
Scofflaw Hooligan IPA 7.0%
Second Self Thai Wheat Wheat 5.1%
Second Self New Contender Hazy IPA 6.3%
Second Self Mole Porter Porter 6.5%
Second Self AT Ale Pale Ale 5.7%
Second Self Golden Blonde Golden Ale 4.4%
Six Bridges Medlock New England IPA 6.2%
Six Bridges Silent Accord Milk Stout 6.5%
Six Bridges Blueberry Sour Continuum Sour Berliner Weisse 5.0%
Six Bridges Shelby  Golden Ale 4.8%
Southern Brewing Co Red&Black  IPA 6.5%
Southern Brewing Co Fog Machine (IPHAZY)  IPA 6.0%
Steady Hand Flower Business Double IPA 9.0%
Steady Hand Future Mind Porter 6.0%
Steady Hand Winter Farmhouse Ale Saison 6.5%
SweetWater  420 West Coast Style Pale Ale 5.4%
SweetWater  420 Strain G13 New England IPA 6.0%
SweetWater  Insane OG Mexican Lager 5.5%
SweetWater  Guide Beer Lager 4.0%
Terrapin Luau Krunkles POG IPA 6.5%
Terrapin Mosaic Red Rye IPA 6.3%
Terrapin Wake ‘n Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout 9.4%
Terrapin Golden Ale Cream Ale 5.3%
Terrapin So Freah and So Green Green Fresh Hopped IPA 6.6%
Terrapin Mr. Krunkles IPA 6.5%
Terrapin Beerista Barrel-Aged Cold Brewed Coffee Stout 11.2%
Wild Heaven Bestie Pub Ale 4.2%
Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Nitro Imperial Brown Ale 7.2%
Wild Heaven Altair IPA 6.0%
Wild Heaven Emergency Drinking Beer American  Ale 4.7%
Wild Heaven Citrus Emergency Drinking Beer Citrus American Ale 4.7%
Wild Heaven Wise Blood IPA 6.5%
Wild Leap Chance IPA IPA 5.6%
Wild Leap Local Gold Blonde Ale 5.4%
Wild Leap  Caramel Cake  Stout  6.0%
Wild Leap  Truck Creamsicle  Milkshake IPA  6.7%
Wild Leap  ETA IPA  IPA  7.0%
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
21st Amendment Sparkale  Fruit Beer 5.5%
21st Amendment Tasty IPA IPA 6.8%
21st Amendment Blood Orange Brew Free IPA 7.0%
21st Amendment El Sully Mexican-Style Lager 4.8%
Abita Strawberry  Lager  4.2%
Abita Hop 99 Light IPA 4.2%
Abita Andygator Helles Doppelbock 8.0%
Abita Macchiato Milk Stout 6.0%
Allagash River Trip Table Beer 4.8%
Allagash Tripel Belgian Tripel 9.0%
Allagash White Witbier 5.2%
Almanac Blackberry Sournova Sour 5.8%
Almanac True  Kolsch Ale 4.7%
Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale American-style IPA 7.0%
Bell’s Bright White Ale Wheat Beer 5.0%
Bell’s Official Hazy IPA Hazy IPA 6.4%
Bell’s Prairie Grass Dividing Sour – Gose 4.5%
Cigar City Florida Cracker Witbier 5.5%
Cigar City Jai Alai IPA 7.5%
Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale 5.5%
Cigar City Margarita Gose Gose 4.2%
Currahee  Kawi Coffee Milk Stout  Milk Stout  7.2%
Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Lo-Cal IPA 4.0%
Einstock  Whit White Ale  White Ale  6.7%
Full Sail Session Lager American Lager 5.1%
Full Sail Amber Ale Amber Ale 6.0%
Golden Road  Mango Cart  Mango Wheat  4.0%
Iron Monger Anvil Double IPA 8.6%
Iron Monger Blood Orange Billet Pilsner 5.0%
New Belgium  American Haze  IPA 5.6%
New Belgium  Cold Brew Coffee Coffee 5.4%
Oskar Blues Can-O-Bliss Tropical IPA 7.2%
Oskar Blues One-y 100 Calorie Hazy IPA 4.0%
Oskar Blues Slow Chill Lager Vienna Lager 5.7%
Revision Doubled-Up IPA Double IPA 8.0%
Revision IPA IPA 6.5%
River Rat My Morning Stout Stout 6.0%
Salt Life Lager Lager 4.5%
Sam Adams Cold Snap Witbier 5.3%
Wild Basin Berry Mixed Pack Hard Seltzer 5.0%
Wild Basin Black Raspberry Hard Seltzer 5.0%
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Angry Orchard Unfiltered Cider 5.0%
Atlanta Hard Cider Crisp Apple Cider 5.8%
Atlanta Hard Cider Pomegranate Cider 5.8%
Atlanta Hard Cider Honey Bee Cider 5.8%
Atlanta Hard Cider Rose Cider 5.8%
Bold Rock  Carrolina Apple 16oz  Cider 5.0%
Bold Rock  Rose 16oz  Cider 5.0%
Bold Rock  IPA 16oz  Cider 5.0%
Docs Draft Hard Apple Cider Cider 5.0%
Docs Draft Hard Rose Cider Cider 6.0%
Monks Meadery Mead 100% Wildflower Mead 11.9%
Monks Meadery Stigmata Hibiscus Session Mead 5.0%
Monks Meadery Peachin’ to the Choir Peach Tea Session Mead 5.0%
Monks Meadery Abstinence in the Abbey Belgian style Mead 6.3%
Monks Meadery Butter Buzz Specialty Mead 6.0%
Treehorn Dry Cider Cider 5.9%
Treehorn Ginger Reserve Cider 5.9%
Treehorn Forest Moon Spiced Cider 5.9%
Treehorn Hoppy Little Trees Hopped Cider 5.9%
Urban Tree Original Cider 5.0%
Urban Tree Rose Cider 5.0%
Urban Tree Classic Cider 5.0%
Urban Tree Fan Cider  Cider 5.0%
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Bud Light  Seltzer  Seltzer – variety – local  5.0%
Flying Embers  Ancient Berry  Kombucha  5.5%
Flying Embers  Ginger  Kombucha  5.5%
Jekyll Brewing  Hardly Water  Seltzer – variety – local  5.0%
Long Drink
Mike’s Hard Variety Pack
Omission Seltzer  Seltzer – variety  5.0%
Red Hare  Lo Lo  Seltzer – variety – local  5.0%
Second Self Rudi’s Cucumber Basil Seltzer
SweetWater  Hydro Black Cherry Bomb Seltzer 5.0%
SweetWater  Hydro Lime Haze Seltzer 5.0%
Truly  Lemon Variety Seltzer 5.5%
White Claw Grapefruit
White Claw Natural Lime
White Claw Black Cherry
White Claw Raspberry
White Claw Mango
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Bud Light Prince of Beers American Light Lager 4.2%
Elysian  Superfuzz  Blood Orange Pale  6.4%
Goose Island Next Coast IPA  IPA 7.0%
Wicked Weed Pernicious IPA 7.3%
Wicked Weed Milk and Cookies  Milk Stout  8.5%
Wicked Weed watermelon burst  watermelon sour  5.8%
Wicked Weed Appalachia IPA  Session IPA  6.5%
Wicked Weed  Hop Cocoa  Hoppy Stout  6.5%
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Omission Lager Gluten Free Lager 4.6%
Omission Pale Ale Gluten Free Pale Ale 5.8%
Omission IPA Gluten Free IPA 6.7%