Beer List

This is the 2016 list, 2017 list will be posted the week of event.
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Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Atl and Ga Breweries
Burnt Hickory Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout 9.0%
Burnt Hickory Ezekiels Wheel Pale Ale 6.5%
Burnt Hickory White Flag Wit Apricot Imperial Saison 6.0%
Burnt Hickory Mudhoney 8.4%
Cherry Street Dirty Frenchman Belgian Style Saison 6.2%
Cherry Street West LA Hopaway IPA 8.0%
Coastal Empire Tybee Blonde Kolsch Style Ale 4.7%
Coastal Empire Savannah Brown Brown Ale 5.8%
Eagle Creek Low Country Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.4%
Eagle Creek Grass Roots Lemon Lime Hefe 6.0%
Eagle Creek Southern Winter Winter Warmer Ale 8.0%
Eagle Creek Spot Tail Blonde 5.4%
Eventide Kolsch Kolsch Style Ale 5.3%
Eventide Pale Ale Pale Ale 6.2%
Eventide Stout Stout 4.8%
Eventide Kattegat Baltic Porter 6.2%
Jailhouse Slammer Wheat American Wheat Beer 5.0%
Jailhouse Mugshot IPA IPA 6.7%
Jailhouse Misdeameaner Ale Amber Ale 5.5%
Jailhouse Breakout Stout 4.5%
Jekyll Brewing Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA 6.7%
Jekyll Brewing Merica Amber Ale 5.5%
Jekyll Brewing Big Creek Kolsch Kolsch 5.2%
Jekyll Brewing Southern Session 5.0%
Monday Night Blind Pirate Double IPA 8.2%
Monday Night Nerd Alert Pseudo Pilsner 5.0%
Monday Night Eye Patch IPA American IPA 6.2%
Monday Night Fu Man Brew Belgian-style Wit 5.2%
Monday Night Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale 7.2%
Monk’s Mead Mead American Mead 12.9%
Orpheus Atalanta Plum Saison 5.3%
Orpheus The Ferryman Imperial Stout 9.0%
Orpheus Sykophantes Fig Sour 7.5%
Pontoon Southern Skipper White IPA 6.0%
Pontoon No Pants Pilsner Pilsner 5.5%
Red Brick Hoplanta American IPA 6.2%
Red Brick Laughing Skull American Amber Ale 5.3%
Red Brick Session IPA Session IPA 4.5%
Red Brick Divine Bovine Chai Milk Stout 6.0%
Red Hare Gangway IPA American Style IPA 6.2%
Red Hare Long Day Lager Bohemian Style Lager 5.0%
Red Hare Split Hairs 5.3%
Red Hare Cottontail Pale Ale 5.5%
Red Hare Sticky Stout Stout 6.5%
Reformation Union IPA 6.0%
Reformation Stark Porter 6.9%
Reformation Atlas American Style IPA 6.8%
Reformation Cadence Dubbel 6.9%
Second Self Red Hop Rye Red Rye IPA 7.3%
Second Self Thai Wheat Wheat 5.5%
Second Self Light IPA Light IPA 5.0%
Service Compass Rose American IPA 6.5%
Service Ground Pounder American Pale Ale 5.2%
Service Rally Point Pilsner 4.6%
Southbound Hoplin IPA American IPA 6.2%
Southbound Scattered Sun Belgian Wit 5.2%
Southbound Moondance Imperial Stout 10.6%
Southern Sky World’s Apart Ale Light Hybrid Ale 5.0%
Southern Sky Schwarzschild Porter English Style Porter 6.0%
Southern Sky Contingency Plan B IPA 7.2%
Southern Sky Alepocalypse Belgian Speialty Ale 11.0%
SweetWater 420 West Coast Style Pale A 5.4%
SweetWater IPA IPA 6.3%
SweetWater Blue Light Bodied Ale 4.9%
SweetWater Take Two German Style Pilsner 5.0%
SweetWater Hop Hash Double IPA 7.8%
SweetWater Second Helping Juniper IPA 7.4%
SweetWater Whiplash White IPA 6.2%
Terrapin Hi-5 West Coast IPA 5.9%
Terrapin Mosaic Red Rye IPA 6.3%
Terrapin Rye Cubed Triple Rye IPA 10.7%
Terrapin Liquid Bliss Choc Peanut Butter Sto 6.0%
Terrapin Vapricot Apricot IPA 9.0%
Three Taverns Night in Brussels Belgian-style American 7.5%
Three Taverns Night on Ponce American IPA 7.5%
Three Taverns White Hops Belgian-style White IPA 6.5%
Three Taverns Prince of Pilsen Euro-style Pilsner 5.5%
Three Taverns Le Peche Mode A Saison 6.0%
Three Taverns Single Intent Belgian-Style Single 5.0%
Wild Heaven Invocation Belgian-style Golden Al 8.5%
Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Imperial Brown Ale 8.2%
Wild Heaven Eschaton Belgian-style Quadrup 10.5%
Wild Heaven Emergency Drinking American  Ale 4.7%
Wild Heaven Let there be Light American  Ale 4.7%
Wild Heaven White Blackbird Belgian Style Saison 6.0%
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
American Craft
Abita Purple Haze Lager/Wheat/Pilsner 4.2%
Abita Wrought Iron IPA 6.9%
Abita Grapefruit Harvest IPA 6.0%
Abita Andy Gator Helles Doppelbock 8.0%
Aviator Frost Nipper Winter Warmer 8.5%
Ballantine IPA Double IPA 9.0%
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA IPA 7.0%
Ballast Point Calico Amber Ale 5.5%
Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin IPA 7.0%
Ballast Point Victory at Sea Imperial Porter 10.0%
Breckenridge Christmas Ale Winter Warmer 7.1%
Coney Island Hard Rootbeer Hard Rootbeer 4.4%
New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale 5.2%
New Belgium Citradellic Tangerine IPA 6.2%
New Belgium Ranger IPA 6.5%
New Belgium Side Trip Belgian Pale Ale 6.0%
Not Your Father’s Rootbeer Hard Rootbeer 5.9%
Sam Adams Boston Lager American Lager 4.9%
Sam Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA 6.3%
Sam Adams Rebel IPA IPA 6.5%
Sam Adams Cold Snap White Ale 5.3%
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.6%
Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner Pilsner 5.0%
Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA 6.2%
Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Gose-Style Ale 4.5%
Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale 7.5%
Starr Hill Grateful Pale Ale American Pale Ale 4.7%
Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA 6.5%
Starr Hill Snowblind Doppelbock Lager 7.7%
Straight to Ale Monkeynaut IPA 6.5%
Straight to Ale Lily Flag Milk Stout Milk Stout 5.0%
Traveler Beer Illusive Traveler Grapefruit Ale 4.4%
Unknown Brewery Pregame Session Ale 4.5%
Unknown Brewery Over the Edge IPA 6.9%
Unknown Brewery Silverback Stout 6.5%
Widmer Brrr Winter Warmer 7.2%
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
American Macro
Bud Light Prince of Beers American Light Lager 4.2%
Budweiser King of Beers American Lager 5.2%
Goose Island 312 XSP Wheat 4.3%
Goose Island IPA IPA 5.4%
Shock Top Pretzel Belgian Wit 5.0%
Shock Top White Belgian Wit 5.0%
Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Al 5.4%
Blue Moon White IPA White IPA 5.9%
Blue Moon First Peach Ale Peach Ale 5.7%
Brewery Beer Style ABV%
Ciders & Gluten Free
Bull Dog Hard Cider Cider 5.5%
Bull Dog Peach Cider Cider 5.5%
Crispin Original Cider Cider 5.0%
Crispin Pacific Pear Cider 5.0%
Crispin Pomegranate Pear Cider 5.0%
Kopparberg Pear Cider 4.5%
Kopparberg Strawberry Lime Cider 4.5%
Kopparberg Naked Apple Cider 4.5%
Monk’s Mead Mead American Mead 12.9%
Omission Lager Gluten Free Lager 4.6%
Omission Pale Ale Gluten Free Pale Ale 5.8%
Omission IPA Gluten Free IPA 6.5%
Sam Adams Angry Orchard Cinnfu Cider 5.5%
Treehorn Georgia Dry Cider Cider 5.9%
Woodchuck Hopsation Cider/IPA 4.5%
Woodchuck Amber Cider 4.5%
Woodchuck Winter Seasonal Cider 4.5%
Winery Type Vinyard
Hidden Crush Chardonnay
Hidden Crush Pinot Noir
Spellbound Petit Sirah
Spellbound Chardonnay